Living with cloth

#48: Colourful and enjoyable

For today’s interview, we asked New Zealand mum, Sara, what her greatest lessons have been since beginning cloth with her second child, one-year-old daughter, Clem. She shares her thoughts on buying second hand, her top five cloth nappy accessories, her routine and tips for managing the nappy laundry while working full time, and why she’s now a store-bought bamboo wipes convert. Sara says she didn’t realise until recently that every disposable nappy ever produced is still sitting in landfill or that disposables use a huge amount of water to produce and, if she had known those two facts earlier, she would have pushed harder to use cloth for her first child. Her story includes a heart-wrenching anecdote from one of her students that will have you, too, pushing to make cloth mainstream.

Living with cloth

#37: It’s good for everyone

Tegan is mum to identical twin boys, Jude and Leo. She is loving life as a full-time mum before she returns to work next year, and that includes the lack of nappy rash that comes with her cloth nappy use. Tegan admits she was hesitant to choose cloth nappies because of the extra washing that comes with two babies; her parents were not. She describes her parents as hippies and says they didn’t even ask if she was using disposables; they just started buying her cloth nappy items as soon as she was pregnant. Tegan shares how she has overcome some of the challenges that come with reusable nappies and her hack for easy nappy changes.

Living with cloth

#35: Eco rabbit hole

I’m not going to lie, today’s interview is long. But Christabel – who describes her house of two adults and two children as ‘loud and messy and fun and vibrant’ – tells so many relatable tales of motherhood with so much wit and charm, I know you are going to love reading her words as much as I did. Christabel lives in Greater Manchester, UK, and describes herself as a fun/ loving/ lazy/ working/ creative/ tired/ ‘anything for an easy life’/ funny/ ‘trying my best but not always getting it right’ mum who is still learning to be kind to herself.

Behind the brand

#32: Around the country with cloth

Today, we welcome Sara, the founder of Earthside Eco Bums, who shares the beginnings of her business and how she hopes to provide the support parents need to find the confidence to give cloth nappies a go. Unlike most businesses, Earthside Eco Bums was formed on the road, on a family caravanning trip around Australia. When parents started flocking to the van to learn more about cloth nappies and how to use them, Sara realised it was time she made more education available. Read on to find out how she managed to start a business whilst on the road with two small children, and for her best advice on making cloth nappies work while travelling.

Living with cloth

#30: Success the second time around

Melissa’s story is proof you don’t need to get it right immediately with cloth nappies. She started using cloth from birth with her son, gave up, then started again when he was 15 months old. Just over a year later, her daughter was born and, this time, her cloth journey has been a continuous one. She credits the cloth community for its help and support in her stronger trouble-shooting ability the second time around. Her advice is to take it one nappy at a time and to try not to become overwhelmed – “at the end of the day they are just nappies”.

Living with cloth

#29: Let’s convert everyone

Kate’s tally for converting others to cloth nappies stands at 10. This includes her sister-in-law and all but one of the families in her mothers group. It’s an admirable total that comes from Kate’s desire to make others more aware of opportunities to not only reduce landfill but also the amount of chemicals they put into themselves every day.

Living with cloth

#23: Small cost for gains

Victorian mum of two bubs in cloth, Jill, sums up the benefits of reusable nappies so well: save thousands of dollars, save thousands of disposables from landfill, support small business and dress your baby’s tush in the sweetest designs – all for the cost of an extra load or two of laundry each week. And the added bonus, she says, is that you feel like you’re doing a little good each time you use one.