Living with cloth

#66: When kindness rules

The kind of world of which Erin dreams is one you will desire for your own children: one where kindness is at the forefront of every decision; one where every human and our natural resources are truly valued and respected. It’s a world Erin is dedicated to showing is possible if we work together. As the face behind the popular zero-waste blog, The Rogue Ginger, she encourages everyone to approach reducing their waste at their own pace, in their own way. Read on to discover the greatest rewards and challenges she has found with approaching motherhood through a lens of being part of the solution to reducing the world’s waste.

Living with cloth

#65: Making an impact

If you think starting a business alongside raising a baby is hard, you’re right. But when that business is part of your quest to tell your children you did everything you possibly could to make a difference to the world, you’d do it again in a heartbeat. Tina is a mum who wants to encourage everyone to enter the circular economy, to buy secondhand or rent rather than buy. She is mum to one-year-old Teddy for whom there was never any doubt that cloth nappies would be donning his little bottom.

Behind the brand

#46: What passion makes

It was the savings that drew Yondette into the world of modern cloth nappies, but it was the environmental impact of a throw-away culture that led her to become an active part of the cloth community. Two-and-a-half years on from that first fit, Yondette lives and breathes all things sustainable. Not only does she represent many nappy makers and manage an advocacy platform for supporting eco lifestyles, but she also co-founded a fabric business that supplies nappy making products to many WAHMs across Australia. And, through it all, Yondette says she will treasure forever the connection she has made with new and old friends.

Behind the brand

#41: Just try

Do you ever wish you could see, feel and experience cloth nappies before making a purchase? That’s how Mel felt after the birth of her daughter, so she solved the problem by opening her own modern cloth nappy and other eco product store in Canberra where she lives. Fuelled by coffee, Mel wants to help save the planet for her daughter. Her advice for not destroying the world is simple – ‘just try’.

Living with cloth

#39: You are my people

Courtney is a passionate mama who chooses to contribute to a greener world in a myriad of ways, not the least of which is with reusable nappies. It means a lot to her, she says, and she hopes it will mean a lot to her kids. While Courtney has faced many disgusted and defensive reactions from others about her cloth nappy use, she shares a story of the time a nurse noticed her son wearing cloth and she knew she had found her people. As a nurse herself, Courtney is less than phased by poo, and she shares here many witty morsels about life with a baby in cloth nappies.

Living with cloth

#38: The power of nature

Caring for the environment and raising her children to be independent and critical thinkers go hand in hand for Canberra mum, Ana. Cooking, gardening, constructing and sewing, for example, she says, are all life skills that can be learnt by making eco-friendly choices. Combine those skills with the fact that children who are creative in their younger years tend to develop into adults who have a greater capacity for problem solving, and Ana has her motivation for making sustainable choices. Using cloth nappies is just one of a range of choices Ana hopes will teach her children the world is a precious place full of resources we can help thrive if we are considerate. Read on for Ana’s experiences with reusable nappies and to find out why she extols the power of nature and open-ended play in educating her children.

Living with cloth

#35: Eco rabbit hole

I’m not going to lie, today’s interview is long. But Christabel – who describes her house of two adults and two children as ‘loud and messy and fun and vibrant’ – tells so many relatable tales of motherhood with so much wit and charm, I know you are going to love reading her words as much as I did. Christabel lives in Greater Manchester, UK, and describes herself as a fun/ loving/ lazy/ working/ creative/ tired/ ‘anything for an easy life’/ funny/ ‘trying my best but not always getting it right’ mum who is still learning to be kind to herself.

Guest post

#34: Are eco nappies really eco friendly?

Sustainability guru and Cloth Baby founder, Emma, recently shared her thoughts on the rise of eco-disposable nappies and whether consumers are being misled about their environmental impact. Labels such as eco, degradable, biodegradable and compostable, she says, grab onto our heart strings and make us feel like we’re doing the right thing. We sat down with Emma to find out what actually happens to products that end up in landfill and whether eco-disposable nappy products are the right choice for you.

Living with cloth

#29: Let’s convert everyone

Kate’s tally for converting others to cloth nappies stands at 10. This includes her sister-in-law and all but one of the families in her mothers group. It’s an admirable total that comes from Kate’s desire to make others more aware of opportunities to not only reduce landfill but also the amount of chemicals they put into themselves every day.