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#69: Stuff be gone

If there’s one thing that doesn’t excite Sarah, it’s stuff. Especially all the stuff – toys, clothes, accessories and so on – that often goes along with parenthood. Instead, thinking before you buy, swapping out disposable products and actively trying to reduce waste is the thinking of the world in which she hopes to raise her son. It’s also the kind of thinking that drove her to start Cloth Tots, a cloth nappy rental service, alongside her sister, Kate.

Behind the brand Living with cloth

#59: Focus on what’s important

Just start – you don’t have to be perfect! Leaks are normal! We love the sage advice of New Zealand cloth nappy brand founder, Alexis, and there’s much more to come in today’s interview. Alexis has developed her own version of the “perfect” cloth nappy (stretch was a must), but she continues to advocate for the use of multiple brands, for “there is no such thing as one brand that fits all”. As a midwife and nutritionist, she also advocates for parents following their intuition. We must learn to slow down and focus on what’s important, she says. And one of those important things is the environment. “We have a finite amount of liveable area; we don’t want them inhabitable.”

Behind the brand Living with cloth

#50: Don’t give up

Today, I introduce you to Suzi, mother of four boys, photographer and designer behind the cloth nappy pattern business, My Little Sunshine. Suzi’s journey with reusables began 10 years ago when her first son was a baby. She quickly gave up, however, because she had no idea how to correctly or care for them. Fast forward to her fourth son, add a gift from her bestie, and Suzi is now an active member of the cloth community, where she represents many brands and even sells her own nappy pattern. Suzi radiates love for her boys, finds great joy in the simple things in life, and dreams of nothing more than eliminating hatred from the world. Join us to share in Suzi’s tips for getting started with cloth and to find out more about her passion for including mothers in the family photo album. You’re sure to empathise with what she has to say about her children remembering about her, too.

Behind the brand

#47: A peachy journey

Today’s interview with Kylie is about taking a passion for cloth nappies and turning it into a business that encourages other families to get into cloth. We discuss what it looks like to kick start a new venture as a first-time mum with a 4-month-old baby, the value in her background as a radiographer and why she believes cloth nappies are the product that brings communities together. For those who have entertained similar dreams, Kylie shares some sensible advice about small business not being a quick or easy route to retirement, but she also shares the joy she finds in wrapping up and sending out orders.

Behind the brand

#41: Just try

Do you ever wish you could see, feel and experience cloth nappies before making a purchase? That’s how Mel felt after the birth of her daughter, so she solved the problem by opening her own modern cloth nappy and other eco product store in Canberra where she lives. Fuelled by coffee, Mel wants to help save the planet for her daughter. Her advice for not destroying the world is simple – ‘just try’.

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#40: Making change time fun

As a mother to four daughters, Dzintra’s concern for the world she was leaving behind for her children was a growing concern that led her not only to using modern cloth nappies, but to starting her own business promoting cloth nappies and other eco-friendly products to Australian mums. Fluff Mail gives Dzintra an excuse to receive hundreds of nappies every week without a judgy look from her husband in return – a situation many cloth loving mums could only dream. Join us today to find out Dzintra’s advice for combatting the overwhelm that often comes with making the switch to cloth and her best tips for all cloth families.

Guest post

#34: Are eco nappies really eco friendly?

Sustainability guru and Cloth Baby founder, Emma, recently shared her thoughts on the rise of eco-disposable nappies and whether consumers are being misled about their environmental impact. Labels such as eco, degradable, biodegradable and compostable, she says, grab onto our heart strings and make us feel like we’re doing the right thing. We sat down with Emma to find out what actually happens to products that end up in landfill and whether eco-disposable nappy products are the right choice for you.

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#32: Around the country with cloth

Today, we welcome Sara, the founder of Earthside Eco Bums, who shares the beginnings of her business and how she hopes to provide the support parents need to find the confidence to give cloth nappies a go. Unlike most businesses, Earthside Eco Bums was formed on the road, on a family caravanning trip around Australia. When parents started flocking to the van to learn more about cloth nappies and how to use them, Sara realised it was time she made more education available. Read on to find out how she managed to start a business whilst on the road with two small children, and for her best advice on making cloth nappies work while travelling.

Behind the brand

#24: Don’t be discouraged

Today, we are joined by Leah who wants to embolden everyone not to be discouraged by any negativity they encounter in beginning their cloth journey. As a mother of twins, Leah says she had double the reason to limit her environmental impact by choosing cloth nappies; still, with her babies in special care and the overwhelm that comes with being a first-time mum, she didn’t use cloth until many months later. Now, the family is in full time cloth and Leah is a strong advocate for reusable nappies not having to be all or nothing.