Reviews for cloth diaper brands and othe eco friendly products! Codes available to use at the bottom of some reviews.

Gentle Wilderness Nappies

Behind the Brand +What I loved:

Gentle Wilderness is a small cloth shop based in Australia. They offer a luxury design for a reasonable price.This brand is perfect for all the nature loving mamas and free spirited babes. They have a variety of natural and simplistic designs; offering nightime, daytime and swim cloth solutions! The aesthetic of this shop is absolutely breathtaking and you can see this just from their Instagram page. The fit is similar to Alva baby but the elastic is better quality in my opinion. From experience my Alvas all lost their elastics by a year. (This could be different for others) Gentle wilderness has been worn quite a lot in the last few months and I haven’t seen any wear to the elastic. They still feel brand new! My absolute favorite feature of this shop is their inserts. The 3 layer bamboo is incredibly thin but super absorbent. I was in a pinch the other night and didn’t have any Preflats clean for my typical night time solution. I used 3 of these inserts and my toddler didn’t even wet through 2. I recommend at least having some of these inserts in your stash! Overall an incredible shop worth checking out!


None really. I prefer AWJ lining( air wicking jerseys) but that is just a preference for me and I know many others prefer this suede lining that gentle wilderness has. 

Jubel NZ

Behind the brand+ What I love:

Jubel is a small shop based in New Zealand. They offer a unique nappy design with a variety of colorful and simplistic pattern choices. The dark AWJ is a wonderful feature for when your diapers get stained. Another feature I loved was having 2 pocket openings! This was the first brand I’ve tried with this feature and it really was neat! This made it so easy for stuffing, spraying, and washing! The wide pocket also has a snap to secure the insert. This brand really has a ton of design features and I enjoyed the uniqueness of their diapers and inserts!


None really but I think if the sizing was a little bigger the design would be perfect!