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Packing your eco friendly Hospital bag.

Hospital Bag Picks for Parents You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

By Gwen Payne


Getting ready for a new baby? Congratulations!

To get ready for that oh-so-important trip to the hospital, you may be wondering what to pack in your bag. Search online and you’ll find an endless amount of lists, but you won’t find these eco-friendly and practical ideas anywhere else! So let’s go through them so you’re all set.

The Basics

Your hospital stay will likely be a couple of days or longer, so make sure you pack the essentials you’d bring along for any overnight trip. To stay organized you can use your cloth diaper pods! Make sure you have a reliable charger for your phone and any other digital devices you plan on bringing — wireless chargers are great because they don’t need to be plugged in, so your smartphone will stay charged even if you can’t reach an outlet.

If you take medication, pack a few days’ worth in your hospital bag. Your doctor will likely be able to refill a prescription you need, but you’ll feel better having it on hand. Also be sure to bring something that will relax you if you start feeling stressed. Yes, you will probably have someone with you most of the time and make a lot of phone calls to keep loved ones updated, but if you need a few minutes to yourself, you’ll be glad you brought a good book or your knitting needles to help you relax.

Soft and Comfortable Clothing Options for Mom

You’re probably thinking about what to bring for your baby, but don’t forget about yourself. After all, you’re going to be putting in some serious hard work during the delivery. So yes, you do deserve to feel comfortable — maybe even cute! 

A comfy tee that also allows you to nurse your baby without hassle is a perfect pick for postpartum. You may even want to pick up a few in different colors so that you can stay comfortable even after you bring your baby home. Stash a few in your diaper bag, too. While you have lactation support pack your pump! Your lactation nurse can help you with setting it up and any questions you have regarding nursing and pumping.

Don’t forget about your feet! Hospital floors are notoriously cold and slippery. Pack high- quality slipper socks so you can walk around safely. And because hospitals tend to keep frigid temperatures, you may also want to bring a warm blanket

Postpartum Products You’ll Actually Want to Use

Okay, we’ve talked about clothing. Now let’s get down to business. More importantly, let’s talk about items you may want to pack to keep your “business” soothed and comfortable after delivery, like a specially designed ice pack that you will 100% be thankful to have. Make sure to use a reusable bag. You can find some cute options from little eco shop! While bringing your baby into the world can be a magical experience, it can also be a tough one on your body. You can expect bruising, swelling, and likely stitches in your most sensitive private areas. Having an ice pack to soothe this area is such a good idea. You’re going to need to stay hydrated, as well, so bring along an eco-friendly water bottle to fill with H2O. 

Speaking of postpartum unpleasantries, you can also expect bleeding after giving birth. Ask any experienced mama and she will tell you all about the mesh underwear hospitals provide to remedy this after effect. If you prefer extra comfort, period panties are a must have alternative. 

Natural and Organic Picks to Care for Your New Baby

The hospital may also provide you with a few essentials for your baby, like diapers, wipes, and other products. While these freebies are safe and convenient, if you want to ensure that your baby’s basics are all-natural and organic, it’s best to bring your own. Luckily, Designer Bums make care products that are natural, safe, and affordable. You can use a pod from your favorite diaper shop to pack all your babies essentials. 

You’ll also go through more than a few diapers at the hospital. While the ones they provide will do in a pinch, think about checking out some organic and non-toxic faves that other moms love. Reusable cloth diapers are an eco-friendly choice and I’m sure your anxious to get started with cloth! Although you may want a few disposable ones in your bag since you won’t have access to a washer and dryer. 

Also be sure to pack a cute outfit to bring your baby home in! You may even want to pack a few choices so you’ll be satisfied with your final selection. As you know, babies grow so fast, consider an organic clothing rental service for the newborn phase. 

Many things used at your birthing center will be single use or plastic materials. One option to reduce your plastic usage is purchasing or making your own umbilical cord tie! You can also make your own wipes and ditch the ones provided. 

Follow this recipe for the perfect wipe solution!

In conclusion

You’re anything but basic, mama! So why should your hospital bag be basic? Grab essentials that you will use over and over again, for both yourself and your little one. Then you’ll be even more prepared to take care of your baby and yourself once you’re back home.

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