How to go out and about with cloth nappies
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#27: Out and about with ease

If you’ve got your at-home cloth nappy routine sorted but you’re tentative about venturing out with reusables, today’s guest blog is for you. Elouise reached out to share her going out routine when she realised it was a common concern for new-to-cloth families.

Welcome, Elouise @elandthemonckeys

My name is Elouise and I live in Sydney with my husband, my 3-year-old son, Theo, and my 10-month-old baby, Daniel. 

I have been using cloth nappies with Daniel for about 6 months. After the bushfires earlier in the year, the environmental impact of having a baby was weighing on my mind. I was thinking about using cloth nappies but didn’t know where to begin. One of the mums in my new mother’s group was using cloth nappies so she got me on to Clean Cloth Nappy Hire.

I wish now that I had used them on my older son but I remember feeling overwhelmed by the washing, all the different types of nappies and the jargon. However, I love the philosophy that every nappy counts so it’s better late than never! I am really proud to be a part of this little community of parents who are all so supportive of each other and willing to share tips and information.

My boys are with me full time and tend to be bouncing off the walls when we spend too long at home, which has been a real challenge during the pandemic. For me, leaving the house every day is an absolute necessity, even if it’s just a short trip out to get coffee. A friend of mine who wanted to try cloth nappies asked me how you deal with them when you are out and about. This was something I was unsure about w hen I started cloth nappies – after all, you don’t have the luxury of flinging a disposable nappy in the bin. I thought I would share this advice in case it helps anyone else who is starting out with cloth nappies.

I carry with me a change-mat, one or two cloth nappies, a wet bag and a small waterproof toiletry bag with two or three damp cloth wipes in it (I just use baby face washers). This doesn’t take up much more space than disposable nappies and wipes. I usually take a change of clothes too, but I find that cloth nappies rarely leak, unless I haven’t done them up tight enough.

If I have to stop and do a nappy change, I put the dirty nappy and wipes in the wet bag. In terms of cleaning, I deal with it all when I am back at home. The wet bag does a really good job of sealing in the smell.

As my baby gets older, if we are out and he does a big toddler-sized poo, I will probably need to swing past a public bathroom and drop the friends off at the pool so to speak! I am hoping to toilet train my baby at around 2 years old which is a bit earlier than I did with my older son.

I often carry some disposable wipes for emergencies but I find myself using them less and less these days. I find that you can clean up a fairly big baby poo with about two to three cloth wipes.

I recently went on a five-hour plane ride and I did disposables then because I was travelling solo and had to take snacks for a toddler too so my hand luggage was really full. However, I would be fine taking cloth nappies on a shorter flight.

The main thing is to keep it simple and don’t make life harder for yourself – travel with little ones is hard enough so just do whatever works for you at the time!

About the author

Elouise lives in Sydney with her husband, 3-year-old son, Theo, and 10-month-old baby, Daniel. She is a finance lawyer but currently on maternity leave. In order to convince her accountant husband to get on board, she showed him the cost savings over the years. She tends to do all the nappy changes and laundry but she has been teaching him how to put the nappies on and about the virtues of Sard Wondersoap!

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