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#15: Jumping into cloth nappies

If you’re here because using cloth nappies has always been on your radar but you just haven’t got around to giving them a go, today’s guest post is for you. Just a few weeks ago, Lauren and I connected over our shared attempts to learn how to navigate Instagram as we both began our feeds to encourage and support others in our respective fields. Talk quickly turned to cloth nappies, and Lauren admitted she’d never quite found the motive to take the plunge. A gentle push later and here we are. Today, Lauren talks us through her first few weeks in cloth – how she got started, the challenges she has faced, and the one thing she wish she knew earlier.

Welcome, Lauren @onemamamidwife

I’m Lauren, a midwife and mum of three beautiful kiddies (Mason, 6; Lyla, 3; Coda, 8 months). I have only ever used disposable nappies and, to be honest, I never saw the point in cloth nappies and having to wash baby poo if I could just use disposable ones and throw them out.

I had quite a few women at work asking me about cloth nappies, if I used them and if there were any brands I loved/ would recommend. I actually felt ignorant and guilty to be a midwife and say I used disposable nappies. I decided to reach out to a few friends who I know use cloth nappies and asked 1 million questions. And, yep, you can guess it “How do you deal with washing to poop?”

The more I looked into cloth nappies, the more intrigued I was. When I started to research the cost difference of using cloth to using disposable, the benefit on the environment of cloth and, surprisingly, how easy all my friends made using cloth sound, I knew I had to take the plunge!

Starting out, the hardest part was deciding what brand to buy and which ones would hold the most without leaking. I spoke to a few brands and asked questions until I found some brands that I thought would work well for us (and that looked super cute). I also had a good chat with the lovely Tammy from @makelaundrynotlandfill who really encouraged me to take the plunge.

The second hardest part was getting hubby on board. He definitely had a stigma about cloth nappies being so much harder and really disgusting to deal with. He thought we would be adding unnecessary work but, nonetheless, said he was happy to give them a go if I wanted to.

Our first cloth nappies arrived from Seedling Baby! I was so excited to open the package and see all of the gorgeous designs. I then opened the nappies and was so confused as to what went where and what the heck I was doing … back to consulting friends. I soon figured out where each of the liners were meant to go and how (clearly, I had no idea at the time because now it seems so straightforward).

I tried the first nappy on Coda and I instantly fell in love – they not only seemed softer and nicer on his precious little bottom but they also just looked adorable! My husband agreed that they looked cute and soft, however, he was still not impressed by the idea of having to wash nappies and trying to understand the logistics of when to wash and how often we would be washing.

Speaking to friends and family, it was surprising that so many people felt the same way, that “cloth nappies are just a waste of time”, ”You have to wash too much” and that “washing poo is disgusting”. I was actually disappointed hearing these comments and it gave me more motivation to try to make it work.

During the day, we have found it super easy using the cloth nappies and, when we are out and he dirties a nappy, we place it into the gorgeous Seedling Baby wet bag and take it home to wash (without it smelling the whole nappy bag out).

Night time has been a little bit of a challenge for us. My little man is a belly sleeper (which meant he was already leaking out of the disposable Baby Love and Huggies nappies that we tried for bedtimes). We tried the cloth nappy that first night, so excited, and Coda woke up at 4am because he was saturated with wee. The disappointment took over and I wondered if there was a way to fix this problem. This is something we are still trying to figure out. Some nights he will wake up wet and other nights he will be dry all the way through to 7am. We have tried putting double liners in at night time and this seems to work.

Coda hasn’t had a nappy rash since we have started cloth and I haven’t had to go out weekly to buy a box of disposable nappies. The older kids also love picking which gorgeous design that Coda will wear, so it’s fun that the whole family can get involved. We have also discussed with Mason (our 6 year old) why we swapped to reusable nappies and the importance on our environment of reusing and not polluting our environment unnecessarily. I think that this is valuable education for him, to really see his parents make a change that is making a difference to our environment for the future.

So, as you can tell, I am still such a rookie even though it’s been a few weeks since trying cloth nappies and I am still learning through trial and error. However, one surprising thing is how much my husband loves the cloth nappies, how happy he is to even do the washing of them and how easy they are to use (this, I really did not expect).

I am so in love and can’t wait to grow my cloth nappy collection! If there’s one thing I wish, it was that I had taken this plunge earlier as it would’ve made life so much easier earlier!

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