Living with cloth

Living a cleaner life

In this article we will meet Emma, a Military wife and cloth Mama who is passionate about living a low tox life! With the recent COVID 19 pandemic she’s been working hard to help families create a healthy and safe home through the help of essential oils. Read on to hear all about her life and learn some wonderful tips, tricks, and recipes for living a healthier life!

Living with cloth

#74: Spreading the word

For London mama, Caroline, making an effort to build a better future is even more important since welcoming her son to the world. While she started using cloth nappies part time to cut down on waste, she soon became a full-time user, and is now an ardent supporter of anyone wanting to make the switch from disposable. Realising you don’t need things is liberating, she says, as she encourages everyone to start with small sustainable changes in the hope we can reverse some of the damage we have wrecked on our planet.

Living with cloth

#73: It’s not that hard

New Zealand mama, Sam, wants parents to know that it is possible to do cloth nappies, even if you have very little time. Even more importantly, she wants parents to know they aren’t alone; that there’s a community out there ready to support you through the times when parenting can be as hard as being in a crisis. These messages and more she shares on social media, where she hopes the truth will reign over “Instagram reality”. We love her hope for the world of the future – one that is kinder, more accepting and more sustainable. A world where there is no war, love is love and all people are equals.

Living with cloth

#72: From novice to pro

What’s it like being a stay-at-home mother to three children under four years old? Alexandra will let you know. She opens up about her busy and crazy life, the closest she comes to a parenting philosophy, and her passions outside of her family. After a frustrated start on her own cloth nappy journey, Alexandra became a cloth nappy consultant, and today she helps parents with their own start into the world of cloth nappies. She has many insights into common concerns and misconceptions faced by those new to cloth, including differing formulas for success depending on whether parents are deadest on cloth or on the fence.

Living with cloth

#71: Don’t just buy one brand

Katie is a mum who spends her days filled with the joys of toddlerhood. She calls Townsville home – a city chosen for her husband’s job but one that has also brought much in the form of friendship. We caught Katie between trips to the beach to chat toddlers and life with a partner who works away from home and, of course, find out how she’s managed life as a cloth mum.

Living with cloth

#70: Change starts with us

Jenna is a case in point that cloth diapering can prompt a landslide of other eco-oriented changes. Before becoming a mum to her hand-me-down wearing, vegetarian toddler, Jenna didn’t have the passion for protecting the environment she has today. After swapping to a smaller garbage can, becoming more mindful about gift giving, reconsidering her transport options and converting to thrifting as a way of life, amongst many other things, Jenna now regularly shows up on Instagram to bring awareness to our ingrained habits and the importance of changing them. “As consumers we have the power of voting with our dollars, reading the labels, and asking the difficult questions. The more that consumers care about sustainability, the more that large companies will have to change their practices to retain their customers. Together our small actions make a very big difference.”

Behind the brand

#69: Stuff be gone

If there’s one thing that doesn’t excite Sarah, it’s stuff. Especially all the stuff – toys, clothes, accessories and so on – that often goes along with parenthood. Instead, thinking before you buy, swapping out disposable products and actively trying to reduce waste is the thinking of the world in which she hopes to raise her son. It’s also the kind of thinking that drove her to start Cloth Tots, a cloth nappy rental service, alongside her sister, Kate.

Guest post

#68: The case for cloth diapers

Tori says, that in order to exercise choice, you need to know what your options are. And I couldn’t agree more. There’s certainly a large cohort of parents out there who don’t make the choice to use reusable nappies because they don’t understand the options available to them. I invited Tori to join us to make the case for cloth diapers, and here she shares with us a chapter from her new book.

Living with cloth

#67: Make life easier by being prepared

Our interview with book and coffee-loving stay-at-home mama Emma has me dreaming of the day cloth nappies are the norm again. From making her decision to cloth because it keeps chemicals from young skin and assists with toilet training to being prepared and buying secondhand or in bulk, Emma is so full of practical and sensible advise that if you were to meet her, you’d never give disposables a chance. Here’s hoping Emma’s dreams – not only of more awareness of cloth nappies, but also a world in which women are more respected, heard and taken seriously – come to fruition.

Living with cloth

#66: When kindness rules

The kind of world of which Erin dreams is one you will desire for your own children: one where kindness is at the forefront of every decision; one where every human and our natural resources are truly valued and respected. It’s a world Erin is dedicated to showing is possible if we work together. As the face behind the popular zero-waste blog, The Rogue Ginger, she encourages everyone to approach reducing their waste at their own pace, in their own way. Read on to discover the greatest rewards and challenges she has found with approaching motherhood through a lens of being part of the solution to reducing the world’s waste.