Living with cloth

#36: Just go for it

Adelaide mum, Candice, shared her thoughts on reusable nappies just a few short months into motherhood. She writes, as many do, about how she found using modern cloth nappies far easier than she imagined, attributing much of the early uncertainty to learning the lingo of cloth. It’s like an in joke, she says, and urges others to ‘just go for it’. “It’s so much easier than you think and actually kind of fun.”

Behind the brand

#32: Around the country with cloth

Today, we welcome Sara, the founder of Earthside Eco Bums, who shares the beginnings of her business and how she hopes to provide the support parents need to find the confidence to give cloth nappies a go. Unlike most businesses, Earthside Eco Bums was formed on the road, on a family caravanning trip around Australia. When parents started flocking to the van to learn more about cloth nappies and how to use them, Sara realised it was time she made more education available. Read on to find out how she managed to start a business whilst on the road with two small children, and for her best advice on making cloth nappies work while travelling.

Living with cloth

#26: Drive to preserve the future

Protecting the environment is key to living a good life for Emily, but not to the detriment of one’s own health. Emily offers very sensible advice to worry first about one’s self – especially in the early days of motherhood when figuring out how to keep a tiny human alive is tantamount, then consider ways of reducing your impact on the planet, including through the use of cloth nappies.

Living with cloth

#25: It’s the small things

For Annie, motherhood has brought with it an appreciation for the simple things in life. While this often looks like family time exploring the fields around their home, Annie’s gratitude has also begun a determination to make eco choices she hopes will lead to a greater future for her daughter. Cloth nappies were the catalyst for Annie’s more eco-conscious approach to life.

Living with cloth

#8: Dad’s expectations

Today you get to meet Jordan, who penned his views on his impending fatherhood and expectations with using cloth nappies in the days leading up to becoming a first-time dad. Jordan wants to inspire other dads and future dads to be more involved, so we grabbed him to share his thoughts before sleeplessness was able to take a hold of him.