Anyone who’s ever had a conversation with another parent about their experiences with cloth will know it’s almost impossible to walk away without having learnt something new. We all have our own preferences for brands and styles, ways to fold inserts, storing supplies, managing while out and about, and much more.

By sharing your experiences with our readers, you will be inspiring others to tread the same path, comforting anyone going through the same thing, and helping to provide solutions to challenges some are yet to even consider.

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To be considered for an email interview, email with your name, email, social media handles, and 2-3 sentences telling us a little about you, your family, your cloth journey, and whether you have any particular areas of interest or expertise with cloth. Alternatively, reach out to us on Instagram @makelaundrynotlandfill

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In 500-1,000 words, tell us a story about a particular part of your cloth journey or your family’s path to sustainability or a minimalist lifestyle – what happened, how you felt, how you overcame or are trying to overcome any challenges, what the future holds. You don’t have to be a writer; you simply need to share your thoughts as you would with a friend.

Here are some example to give you an idea:

  • Why I will never use disposables again
  • Why night nappies should be on every parents’ wishlist
  • How cloth nappies have inspired me to makeover my life
  • Travelling didn’t stop me from using cloth
  • My experiences with elimination communication
  • No-stress toilet training
  • What it’s like to cloth children a decade apart
  • How my cloth nappy obsession began
  • Surviving cloth in the newborn stage
  • How I cloth on a budget

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