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About us

Make Laundry Not Landfill is an inspirational and educational destination for first-time and new-to-cloth parents seeking the courage and confidence to make the choice to cloth, or cloth more often, as well as somewhere every parent can gain encouragement and support through honest and positive stories from like-minded cloth families.

We’re a place for parents to speak openly about their experiences – not just with cloth, but with all that parenting entails. We celebrate the paradoxes of a natural or sustainable approach to parenting – the challenges and the joys and the simplicity and the relentlessness. We ask everything – from the big questions (‘Will having fewer children save the planet?’) to the small but essential ones (‘What do I do with the poo?).

Here you will find a community of like-minded parents – that is, parents who want to make the best choices for their children and the future of their children. Some of these choices will be based on minimising chemicals or protecting the future of the planet; others will have a founding in economics or aesthetics. Whatever the reason for choosing cloth or making any other parenting decision, this blog is a judgement free, supportive place you can visit when, and if, you need relief, encouragement or advice.